We’ve been blowing up a lot of red, white, and blue balloons the last couple of weeks to mark some of our favorite events that took place around the 4th of July. Here’s how we added “wow” to a couple of them:

We added our touch of “wow” to the 2015 Southwest Believers’ Convention hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries at the end of June. This week long event at the Fort Worth Convention Center featured a variety of special speakers, prayer services, and more. All of it culminated on the 4th of July so it only seemed right they asked us to do red, white, and blue columns for their space in the exhibit hall.

Then on the 4th we added the colors of Old Glory to the Shady Oaks Country Club’s annual 4th of July party. Of course, they wanted us to highlight the areas everyone would be looking for so we created red, white, and blue puff balls and columns all around the pool area so everyone could clearly see exactly where to go to cool off.

When you start planning your next event be sure to give Affairs Afloat Balloons a call and find out how we can add the “wow” factor to make it POP!