Balloon Drops

Balloon Drop Pricing

200 Balloons (25′ Bag) – $425*
250 Balloons (30′ Bag) – $500*
420 Balloons (15′ Bag) – $750*
600 Balloons (20′ Bag) – $1000*
750 Balloons (25′ Bag) – $1500*

Custom drop bag sizes are priced on a per drop basis. Call for details.
Watch this video to understand how balloon drop riggings are set up.
*Delivery and rig charges are additional. Delivery charge is based on zip code. Rigging charge minimum $100.00 per net when lift is not required and will vary depending on ceiling height/type and difficulty of balloon drop installation. Rigging charges include our staff to supervise the rigging of all balloons to ceiling. All lift charges are responsibility of client. (In most cases hotels and event venues require their in-house personnel to rig to the ceiling.)
Technician not required, but if requested, minimum fee to provide technician to pull rip cord $250.
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