Frequently Asked Questions

How long do balloons float?
Most balloons will float 12 to 18 hours, unless treated, but actual float time depends on the balloon used. Applying a treatment will extend the float time for as long as two weeks.
How much will my design cost?
We provide custom-designed balloon arrangements, ranging from small individual gifts to grand, elaborate event décor. We provide an estimate based upon your initial gift or event considerations and then tailor the design to accommodate for your budget and/or needs.

Pricing will vary according to design elements, helium pricing, and helium availability.

For event decor, appropriate set-up, delivery and strike fees, if necessary, are added separately. Please note that, due to the world-wide helium shortage, loose balloons are subject to helium availability at this time.

Can you create a custom design using my color preferences and theme?
Yes. Most all of our creations are one-of-a-kind designs, specifically made to our client’s requests. We aim to never create the same design twice as we want your event to be unique. We can tailor your design to any theme and/or color selections and will always guide you with expertise to ensure that you are pleased with the final product.
What balloon colors are available?
From periwinkle to pumpkin to fresh-cut grass green, we can custom create any color you want. Feel free to bring us a color sample that you’d like to match, or click here to peruse many of the colors available to you.
What is the difference between your balloons and the balloons from a local party supply store?
Our balloons are professional grade, and our design staff are Certified Balloon Artists (CBAs). As such, our balloons are all inflated to exactly the same size and, therefore, last longer for your event and enjoyment. We also guarantee our balloons to last a minimum of 16-18 hours depending on the barometric pressure and surroundings (e.g. children, cats, dogs, and playful adults).
How does the climate affect balloons?
We love to use balloons outside, and they do make an impressive visual impact. We do everything possible to ensure the endurance of balloons for an outdoor event; however, we cannot guarantee their longevity as weather greatly impacts how balloons fair outside. Due to their light weight, wind can cause damage to them, and moving dust and debris may cause the balloons to pop. Also, exposure to summertime heat conditions forces balloons to expand, and they may pop.
Do you deliver balloons?
Yes, we deliver balloon decor in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area. Our delivery charge varies based on distance for delivery. Please call us at 817.367.3100 for specific details.
Can I pick up my balloons?
Certainly. If you have a means of transporting the balloons, you are welcome to pick them up from our design studio. (Some designs are too large or require special transport and are, therefore, available for delivery only.) Please remember, however, that balloons are free floating and can cause difficulty while driving. As such, we highly recommend the ease of our modestly priced delivery service.
Are balloons bad for the environment?
The professional grade balloons we use are made from the sap of an environmentally sustainable palm tree. The balloons disintegrate in about the same time as a cabbage leaf.


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