heat and balloonsAs we head into the warmer months it seems like a good time to discuss the affect heat has on balloons.

When air is heated, it expands. So when a balloon is exposed to heat, the air inside the balloon causes it to inflate further. This is why hot air balloons are able to fly. Burners heat the air inside the balloon to make it rise and carry the balloon.

However, when it comes to balloons used for bouquets and decorations, excessive heat can cause the balloons to pop. Too much hot air increases the pressure inside the balloon, causing it to stretch beyond the balloons limits. If you’ve ever been to an outdoor event and balloons in the sun just started popping with nobody around them – now you know why.

In addition to expanding the air inside the balloon, heat can cause latex to deteriorate and over time. So even if balloons in a hot environment don’t pop, deterioration in the latex can create tiny holes and cause the balloons to leak.

All of that being said you can still use balloons for decorating outdoor events in the hot summer months. However, it’s a good idea to work with a balloon professional like Affairs Afloat Balloons when you do. We have plenty of experience setting up balloon displays in the sweltering Fort Worth heat so we can advise you on what will and won’t work for your outdoor summer event.