Affairs Afloat Balloons team are Certified Balloon ArtistsWhile it may be possible for someone to watch a few YouTube videos and claim to be a balloon designer, becoming a real Certified Balloon Artist (CBA) requires a combination of artistic skill, technical expertise, and a commitment to ongoing learning and professional development.

A certified balloon artist is a professional in the balloon industry who has completed a program or course of study in the art of creating balloon sculptures and designs. Certification programs for balloon artists are typically offered by industry organizations such as the Qualatex Balloon Network, Balloon Decorators Association International, and the International Balloon Association.

To become a certified balloon artist, individuals need to complete a series of courses, pass practical exams, and demonstrate a mastery of various balloon twisting techniques, design principles, and safety protocols. Certification programs also require candidates to complete a certain number of hours of practical experience and attend industry conferences or workshops.

All of the professionals at Affairs Afloat Balloons have either earned or are working towards earning their CBA. This is something we insist on because when you order balloons, we think you should have the expertise of a professional, rather than a hobbyist.