industrial use of balloonsWhen we think of balloons we typically think of parties or special event. However, balloons are used in a variety of industries beyond the party and entertainment industry. Here are some examples:

  • Advertising: Balloons can be used for advertising purposes, such as promoting a brand, a product, or an event.
  • Aerospace: Balloons are used in scientific research and aerospace testing. These include weather balloons used to measure atmospheric conditions and stratospheric balloons used to study the upper atmosphere.
  • Agriculture: You might not think of balloons and food in the same sentence, but balloons can used for crop monitoring and crop spraying in the agricultural industry.
  • Medicine: In medical procedures, balloons are used for angioplasty, where a small balloon is inserted into an artery and inflated to open up a blockage.
  • Military: Balloons have been used in the military for surveillance purposes, such as tethered balloons equipped with cameras for reconnaissance.
  • Transportation: Balloons are used for recreational hot air ballooning, as well as for transporting goods and people in certain remote areas for both commerce and tourism.
  • Science: Balloons are also used for scientific research, including the study of aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, and atmospheric science.

So the next time you see a balloon at a party or special event, remember that while this one is having fun – its cousins are doing important work all over the planet.