Valentine’s Classic Colors Balloon Bouquet (12 Balloons)


Keeping it classic and simple, this bouquet is a collection of one dozen Red, Purple, and Magenta mylar hearts. No love-specific balloons are included, but I LOVE YOU hearts can be added
There are 12 balloons in this bouquet:

  • 10 Plain 18in Mylar Hearts, mix of Red, Purple, and Magenta
  • 2 Valentine’s Hearts, 18in (Designs may vary)

These balloons will float for at least 2 days if used indoors

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Will this bouquet look exactly like this picture?
Balloons are helium-filled and tethered with long ribbons, which means they move around easily while being transported. For this reason we cannot guarantee specific balloon placement. We do guarantee that you will receive the specific quantities and designs noted above.

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