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Balloon Pricing Guide

Please note: Additional design fees may apply. Prices listed are based on using basic balloons. Additional charges may apply to specialty balloons.


Link-O-Loon Arches
Prices start at $75 – $125 depending on the size of the arch.

Full Spiral / Packed Design Arch
Prices start at $350 and go up based on the number of linear feet.
Width from base to base + arch height= number of linear feet used.

String of Pearls Arch
Prices start at $125 – $250 depending on the size of the arch.

Topper Arches
Prices start at $215

Organic Balloon Arches – Priced per Linear Foot
1-3 Colors/2 balloon sizes (5″-11″)
$25 per linear ft.

1-5 Colors/3 balloon sizes (5”, 11″, 16″)
$35 per linear ft.

Add 3′ balloons – $45 per linear ft.

Add $5 per foot, per color for each color after 5

Add $30 per arch for each pearlized or metallic color added

Columns with jumbo latex toppers


Pricing varies by column height

Party Pillar

Columns with foil toppers

Balloon Cascades (can be used for floor or tabletop)

controlled-balloon-centerpieceControlled Bouquets –
36″ Foil Topper

large-balloon-centerpiece3′ Latex Topper

9-balloon-floor-cascade9 Balloons – $34.95

7-balloon-floor-cascade7 Balloons – $29.95

5-balloon-table-bouquet5 Balloons – $19.95


puffball-balloon-centerpiecePuffball Cluster

balloon-centerpiece5 Balloon with Foil

balloon-centerpiece3 Balloon with Foil

3-balloon-table-bouquet3 Balloons Basic – $15.95

Loose Balloons

Latex Balloons Note: Due to a helium shortage, the cost of helium has risen substantially and caused a rate increase.

11″ Standard: $3.50
11″ Metallic or Pearl: $3.95
16″ or 18″ Standard: $8.00
16″ or 18″ Metallic or Pearl: $8.75
3′ (a.k.a. Jeronimo) Air: $45.00
3′ (a.k.a. Jeronimo) Helium: $55.00

Plain Foil Balloons

18″ Foil Balloons: $ 6.50
26″ Foil Balloons: $12.50
36″ Foil Balloons: $17.50
40″ Foil Balloons: $25.00

50 piece minimum required for delivery of loose balloons. Call for bulk pricing.

Delivery Options and Charges (during regular delivery hours)

Regular Delivery Hours
Monday – Friday: 8:30am to 5:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am to 3:30pm

Delivery and Set-Up: $50.00
Tear Down and Take Away: $30.00

Surcharges for Deliveries Outside Regular Delivery Hours
6:00am – 8:30am: $45.00
6:00pm – 10:00pm: $45.00
10:00pm – 6:00am: $150.00
All Sunday Deliveries: $75.00

Balloon Drops

Narrow Bag Drops – $12.00 per foot

Narrow drop bags are 3.5 feet deep
Great option for lower ceilings and smaller venues.

25ft Long Bag (Approx 200 balloons) – $300.00*
20ft Long Bag (Approx 170 balloons) – $240.00*
15ft Long Bag (Approx 115 balloons) – $180.00*
10ft Long Bag (Approx 65 balloons)   – $120.00*

Deep Bag Drops – $30.00 per foot

Narrow drop bags are 7 feet deep
Great options for larger venues and taller ceilings. Generally requires the use of a lift.

25ft Long Bag (Approx 750 balloons) – $750.00*
20ft Long Bag (Approx 600 balloons) – $600.00*
15ft Long Bag (Approx 420 balloons) – $450.00*
10ft Long Bag (Approx 240 balloons) – $250.00*

*Delivery and rig charges are additional. Delivery charge is based on zip code. Rig charge minimum $75.00 when lift is not required and will vary depending on ceiling height/type and difficulty of balloon drop installation. In the event that lift is required the lift will be provided by the client at client’s expense. Technician not required, but if requested, technician charge $55/hour with 2 hour minimum.

Custom drop bag sizes are priced on a per drop basis. Call for details.